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Moscow villa kitchen


The elegant kitchen of our comprehensive villa project in Moscow. Our studio took care not only of the renders, but of the actual architectural project as well.

Our Moscow villa project spans a whopping 500 square meters space, and we have renders of about half the locations. The kitchen was especially interesting to share, because we have an open view into the surrounding countryside. In this way you can better see our efforts to blend said country spirit with the minimalist frame of the building itself.

Moscow Villa Kitchen after retouch

The final look, after retouch.

Moscow Villa Kitchen defining the space

All things great begin with a small step!

Moscow Villa Kitchen detailing the space

We now define the permanent features of the kitchen and balance the lights.

Moscow Villa Kitchen with furniture without shaders

We finally add all the small details and check one last time lights and GI. We can now think textures!

Moscow Villa Kitchen before retouch

The textured render, raw. Colors are somewhat flashy and there is some chaos overall.


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Learning from the masters

The designers Paola Navone and Ilse Crawford have greatly inspired this project. Tradition and modernity are wonderfully tied together in their work, and we had the same goal with our own project.


Respecting traditions

Russia is a unique place, as architectural costumes go, and modernity is often misused, to the detriment of the traditional dialogue with nature. With our Moscow villa deep in the countryside, it was paramount that we use materials and colors mindful of the contest. We, then, trusted rustic Italian ceramic, Belgian hand made brick and unbleached linen to counteract the necessary modern technology and the cold modern frame of the building itself.

Russia has also a feeling for horror vacui, in arts and everyday life. Hence, we opted for the big cooking island in the middle of the, otherwise, too spacious kitchen space. Similarly, we did not allow any surface to grow too empty, which would give a Mediterranean feel, clearly out of place in this region.