3D Models Giveaway: designer furniture


To celebrate our 500 Facebook fans, we are happily rewarding our followers with detailed 3D models of 24 designer furniture items. These are props we created for a recent architectural project, and we would rather see them used by our fans, living well beyond their intended project frame. We opted for plain OBJ files to go truly cross-platform and accommodate all of our followers, using 3Ds Max, Maya, Blender, C4D.

The models are detailed enough to feature in front plane, yet not suitable for closeups. It was not their purpose. Scale is correct, UV mapping is present where required, smoothing is already applied. Download for free and enjoy. In the archive you will find each model in its folder, properly named, with a photograph of the real item, to help you shading them in your software of choice.

We will celebrate our 2.500 fans mark with a sweepstakes worth 2.500€ of render! Our highest quality, and made with the usual love. Join our Facebook community to speed that up and have a share in this, and other, opportunities!


Included models


  • Bed: Caged Queen
  • Chair: Barbara Barry
  • Chair: Beetle
  • Chair: Dining
  • Chair: Egg
  • Chair: tufted, Lawson-Fenning
  • Chair: Vitra, Fautile Director
  • Chandelier: Willer Collaborations
  • Lamp: desk, Meola
  • Lamp: wall, Tripod
  • Lamp: wall, Serge Mouille
  • Lamp: Gaetano Sciolari
  • Lamp: tubular, Henge
  • Stool: tractor, Bassam Fellows
  • Table: bar, Michael Wolfson
  • Table: Dama
  • Table: dining, Gaudi
  • Table: Gray V 3M
  • Table: Kara Mann
  • Table: Logs
  • Table: Puddle, Stephan Bishop
  • Table: Stalactites
  • Vase: John Bedding
  • Vase: Koonam Tall

Download Now (90Mb)

Custom models for your project

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